Add Sossi Soybean Protein Chunks to all your family’s favourite dishes. And even though it tastes just like meat and is high in protein, it’s also 100% plant-based. Sossi is prepared in 2 simple steps: SOAK then FRY!

Sossi’s Soybean Protein Chunks and Mince are made from natural soybeans and are a perfect addition to all your family’s favourite dishes. Sossi is delicious with ugali, rice, bread, chapati, pasta, potatoes or even in noodles. Enjoy Sossi for breakfast, lunch and dinner or just as a healthy snack.
Sossi’s unique, rich meaty flavour comes from our specially formulated seasoning, which comes in two flavours: Classic or Beef

Sossi is made from natural soybeans and contains an average of 40% protein. It’s high in omega-3, vitamin B9, iron, magnesium, calcium & dietary fibre. Sossi is also high in energy and cholesterol-free making it the perfect ingredient for children, adults and the whole family.

Although Sossi tastes just like meat, it’s 100% plant-based, making it the ideal choice for vegetarians.